Story Time at Guthrie Green

One good thing about being in a city with no daytime friends is that it makes you desperate to get out. So, when I heard about Story Time on Wednesday mornings I jumped at the chance!

For those that don’t know, the Guthrie Green is an awesome park right in downtown Tulsa that was built after Phil and I moved away. It’s a great site for concerts, picnics, and there’s a splash pad! On Wednesday mornings during the summer they host “Story Time” followed by Food Truck Wednesdays. Umm, can you say “perfect day”??

Yay for the splash pad!
Yay for the splash pad!

Luke and I got ready to go and were able to find parking just around the corner. Score! We got there a little after they started. The Tulsa Zoo hosted this week, and read a book about a turtle. Luke was obviously not that into it, so he chowed down on a bottle instead. Then the zoo guy brought out a REAL turtle and the place went crazy. It was actually totally precious, and you could 100% tell who was a “preschool mom” and who was a “baby mom”. The baby moms just wanted to socialize and were so thrilled to be out of the house. Their babies were attached at the hip, covered in layers and layers of sunscreen, long sleeves and hats. The preschool moms were SUPER into the turtle and followed the zoo keeper around asking question after question. And their kids? Who knows?! Haha! No, but seriously, they were off running and jumpin’ in the splash pad and it was awesome.

Chowin' down while learning about turtles!!

One of the best surprises of the day was running into our good friend Mary and her son Finn! Mary and her husband Alex work for Campus Crusade as missionaries in Italy. They’re here for the summer and it was so great to see them. You should totally check out her blog and see what God is doing in Italy!!

After turtle time, Luke fell asleep hard in the stroller. So, I got to walk around and check out the food trucks! Already this blog is working for me, because normally I would have just gone home and had a sandwich. BUT I wanted to be able to tell you about it, so I hung around. And oh man am I glad I did πŸ™‚

I was totally impressed by Food Truck Wednesday. There were SO MANY food trucks!!! Seriously, check out the list, it’s so impressive!

As far as the eye can see...
Food trucks as far as the eye can see…

There was grilled cheese, sushi, tacos, pizza, burgers… DELISH. The longest lines were at Lola’s and Loan Wolf. Have never been to either, but Lola’s was offering bubble tea today and I was SERIOUSLY craving some.

But, as some of you know, when I hear pizza, there’s not stoppin this momma bear. PLUS our friends had just told us about Andolini’s the night before. I had no idea they had a food truck! So, to Andolini’s I went πŸ™‚

Umm, YEA. Delicious.
Umm, YEA. Delicious.

I ordered the “Demarco of Brooklyn” and it was freakin’ delicious. Best. Decision. Of. The. Day.

We packed up, headed home, and this was the scene two minutes after arriving. Yep, this day rocked πŸ™‚


Naptime anyone?


3 thoughts on “Story Time at Guthrie Green

  1. What a great idea, Britt. Reading your description of the adventure was ‘almost’ as good as being there. Met an old friend from my BSF discussion group so many years ago that neither of us could remember when. We had a great reunion in the allergy remedy aisle of Walgreens and she suggested we take a road trip to Tulsa this summer. Pat will drive and drop me off at your house and then go on to visit her relative. She wrote her phone # on the back of her car wash receipt, and it’s in my address book. Would you like an overnight visit from Luke’s great gramma? XXOO


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