Welcome to the Weekend!!!

Over the past few months, I’ve started to realize what all the fuss is about when it comes to Friday at 5:00 pm. Seriously, it is precious to go pick up Phil from work on a Friday.  For the past few weeks he’s done a little dance in the parking lot before getting in the car!

For those that don’t know, the last two-ish years of our marriage Phil has worked from home. His work attire has been “bedroom casual”. His work hours have been 8-5, but that’s rolling over in bed and grabbing the laptop. Not to mention an hour of Battlestar Galactica or The Office here and there.

So anyways, now that Phil wears pants and works in a office, I have a true appreciation for the weekend! This weekend was the first weekend in quite a while that we were in town and we didn’t have anyone visiting. So we tried to think of fun *free* things to do!!

On the news we heard about the Pinto World Championship at the Expo Center! We had never been to an event there, and with it being literally two minutes from our house, we decided to go!

It was totally adorable. We didn’t stay for long, because our little man wasn’t quite into it, but it was super fun!! We watched little kids, like 6 years old, compete in Dressage. I feel like if we knew more about the competition, we would have stayed longer. But we really did enjoy getting out and seeing something new!


We also walked through the barn area where they horses were kept. I would have taken SO MANY pictures, but I wasn’t sure of the etiquette and if I’d get yelled at by some owner for snapping a picture. These people are INTENSE. (As they should be!) Each group has their own “camp” near their horse, complete with leather couches, fridges, dogs, flat screen tvs… these people knew what they were doing and I sooooo wanted to be friends with them 🙂

Just wanted the world to know that Baby Lu CAN take a horrid photo. Hello drunk baby 🙂

That night, Phil and I had our first baby-free date night since moving to Tulsa!!! (Props to our amazing friends Ashlee and Don for hanging out with Baby Lu!)  It was such a blast. We went to Brookside and had dinner at Sonoma. DELISH. Then we met up with our best friends for drinks at McNellies, one of our favorite college places and awesome downtown hang out. After watching a bit of the World Cup and catching up, we walked over to a new area of downtown that Phil and I had never been to. Oh, and on the way fireworks shot off from the Driller’s stadium!! It was fantastic.

We walked over to the East Village District where they were wrapping up a car show and street fair. Evidently they have a Second Saturday every month with old cars, bands and artists booths. I know where I’ll be July 12th!!

But seriously, this area of downtown is awesome! We got there after the show ended, so we got to mosey around… hence the phone booth 🙂 We’re super excited to comeback and try out a winery and this place called The Artist’s Loft. There will definitely be another post about our day time exploration of this place!



We ended up at a place called Hodges Bend. It was so much fun! They serve coffee, wine and cocktails. We got an awesome spot on the porch and drank scotch and had adult conversation. Also I carried a purse. Not a diaper bag, a purse. With lip gloss, cash, my ID and phone. AND THAT’S IT. No diapers, formula, dirty wipes, toys, diaper rash cream… Just my stuff and my tiny little purse. It rocked.

Yay for date night!!

And YAY for new adventures in Tulsa!!!!


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