Project Nursery!

So I’ve been working on a collage wall for Baby Lu’s room. I’m hoping to just start it now and slowly add to it as he gets older. I worked on a few mini paintings this week πŸ™‚




photo 1(7)


photo 4(4)



The finished products!

photo 3(5)photo 5(3)


photo 3(4)


photo 1(6)




So, here’s the wall!

photo 1(9)This is my favorite spot πŸ™‚



photo 3(7)


photo 4(7)

“These are a few of my favorite things… “

The Lego ‘L’ was a gift from my sister Brooke for Christmas this past year! I love it.

Also, this print was made by the beautifully talented Anna Tovar. Check her out. Not now, but as soon as you finish reading this πŸ™‚

Oh, and the blanket on the back of the glider is a prayer blanket, hand made by a wonderful woman, Connie Krueger. It’s honestly, one of my favorite things.

photo 1(10)

His 1 month footprints, the picture we had for the “Guess the Name” game at his shower, and the ‘L’ I made to go on our front door during our first year of marriage.



photo 2(8)

This picture was also given to us at Baby Lu’s shower and made by the amazing Jenn Mangan! I love this πŸ™‚



photo 3(8)

And this coaster was made by Triple Threat Press. Again, check them out, they are freakin awesome.

So yea… That’s the wall!!





Now onto this one… Yea. Gotta brighten it up.




2 thoughts on “Project Nursery!

  1. Ok, I’ve kept meaning to look through your blog and I finally did! I am so glad I found it! Love reading your stories and absolutely love Luke’s wall. These paintings are so unique!


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