Thank you Amber!

So the day FINALLY came! After weeks of longing to chop off my (what felt like) dead, thin, straw hair, the day of reckoning arrived.

I knew that when you were pregnant some of your hair fell out. At least, that’s what I was told. I got through pregnancy with thick, beautiful healthy hair thanks to hormones and prenatal vitamins. (Woop! Woop!)

However, no one ever told me that for the majority of women, like clock work, at three months postpartum your hair falls out. Like, REALLY falls out. No one told me to prepare to sit in the shower and cry as what was once your beautiful glowing hair washed down the drain. No one told me that you might seriously think in your ridiculously delirious state that you just might actually be going through chemo and you forgot about it till you got in the shower. True story. Thank you baby, no sleep and my mess of hormones.

At about 5 months PP, my hair looked like this.

photo 1(12)photo 2(10)

I saw it as the largest widows peak hairline of all time and felt for sure that I was stuck with it for the rest of my life. Maybe I could be a spokes woman for Rogaine or just give into the dark side and become evil…. I mean, the evil queens of my childhood had them…


But, never fear. Everyone told me it would grow back and it certainly has. Unfortunately, my long lost hair didn’t just appear one morning as I looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth, it’s GROWING back. Yea. Again. Didn’t think this one through. This is what my hair looks like almost 8 months PP.

photo(12)Yep. It looks like a three year old got a hold of some scissors and cut my hair while sleeping. And it’s not just in these places, it’s like this all over my head. THIS and the fact that my hair was to long and the babe was determined to pull it out ALL THE TIME lead me to the not so hard decision to chop. it. off.

There is only ONE person I trust with my hair. Her name is Amber. You should check out her blog here. Why? Because she’s awesome that’s why. The Hubs and I drove to Dallas for the 4th to hang with the fam. We literally drove into town, ate dinner at Mama’s Pizza, dropped off Lu with the Grands, and then I drove up to McKinney to have Amber cut my hair at 8:00 at night. Also, there MIGHT have been a few fireworks set off near her house that we MIGHT have thought were burglars and we MIGHT have almost called 911. That might be true… yea. Definitely true…

So here is my “before” picture…

old hair

And my “After”!!!

new hair 2new hair1

Yaya!!! I’m so thrilled with it. It may not seem like a HUGE change, but I’m thrilled to have something easier to manage. Ps- see my sunburned face in that last pic?? Yes. Forehead is peeling… so gross…



5 thoughts on “Thank you Amber!

  1. You crack me up…love the honesty…can’t believe you took pics of it when it was “gone”/falling out!! You go girl…you are adorable with hair…and without! 🙂


  2. Haha! Love your hair! Why do those babies make us lose so much hair?!

    And I have told that story about is both punching in ‘911’ a dozen times and died laughing every time. Oh officer-be-honest would be so proud!


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