Little Bits of Beautiful

Ok, so this morning I was on Facebook and one of my most favorite people, Jenn Hatmaker, shared her blog post of her office renovation. Oh. My. Gosh. People, I’m in love. Like, totally in love. Maybe one day Santa will bring me a studio that is 1/10 as amazing as this… I guess I need to make sure I’m really good for the next 20+ years!

Anyways, The Babe is definitely teething, and today he woke up with his first cold. Cue freak out first time mom! We made a fast trip to Target for a humidifier and a few other recommended cold remedies. After we got back, loaded him up on Baby Vics Vapo Rub and cold tablets and put down for a nap it was 9:00 am. Whew. What a whirlwind of a morning.

The whole time I was at Target I was thinking about Jen’s office and how I wished I could just take a day… ok a MONTH and do all the projects that I have listed for the house! But, that’s not reality, so I hit up the 70% off garden clearance section!

I had a few herbs growing on our back porch, but several of them needed to be re potted, cleaned up and so on.

And look what I found at Target! Super cute herb label tag things!! I might have bought half of what they had left. Yep. That’s $2.38!! You can hardly get a good china marker for that! herbplates

I also scored this tiny table for $7 🙂

photo 3(10)

So yea, cleaned up all the pots, moved the thyme to another container, and split the oregano into two pots.

photo 1(12)photo 2(10)photo 4(10)Oh, and then we had to add in the sticks!

photo 1(13)The “O” kind of got buried…

photo 5(6)

So obviously this was no major overhaul or makeover, but it’s the little things that make life beautiful. Am I right?

Oh, and speaking of beautiful… my watering can is one of my favorite things! I can’t explain why, but I love him. The Hubs bought Pig for me years ago, and I love him. Just to be clear, I love The Hubs and my watering can. 😉

photo 2(11)



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