Laundry Room DIY #1

So I’ve been looking for a few things to make to add a little bit of love to the laundry room. So far, my mom bought me an adorable rug, but the walls needed a few things. Thank you Pinterest!! I have three or four ideas for now, so we’re going one at a time. Here’s the first!

I wanted to go off of something like this…

KEEP THE CHANGE  Laundry room decor by shoponelove on Etsy

However, I wanted to stick with stuff I had around the house. This was round 1… photo 1(13)I used an old bored and drew some doodles to match the rug. However, I hated it. So… I painted it again, and went with a more simple design. Plus, I hated reinforcing the idea that I deserve “tips” I dunno…I just feel a little off about it…

So, I found this design, repainted with leftover paint, printed the design, got some transfer paper and voila!!

photo 4(10)nro;uba I painted the letters and outlined it with a fine tip Sharpie to give it some definition.

I used a jar from around the house and secured it with some wire. The only thing I bought was the basket. Yay for Target’s “back to school” section!!

photo 2(13)photo(13)

Yay! Can’t wait to make then next few pieces and share them!


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