CHRISTMAS!!! (in july)

So I’m in trouble. BIG trouble. I was just browsing on Pinterest last night, minding my own business, when I stumbled upon the latest Christmas DIY Pins. Y’all. I went crazy.

Full apologies to those that follow me in Pinterest. I have been and will be pinning all weekend. I’m SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS. I’ve already planned out how I’ll be decorating my entire house and a few Christmas gifts. I know, I know. It’s July. But PEOPLE. Hobby Lobby already has Christmas things out for people like me 🙂

I can’t get over these…. I’m seriously considering bringing back the Blu Art Co. Christmas Shop! However, when I did this a couple years ago, I had WAY to much crap to sell. I’m definitley pairing down this year and may offer like, 5 items. OH MY GOSH THAT’S GOING TO BE SO HARD!!!

A few of my favorites from last night:

b9bf595999a63e369f4d886c92661e17I mean, how cool is this for those that don’t have a fireplace? 72dbabf24bac71e8e0933eee22389da1Precious as a centerpiece….

292c479520a9d3b3361b5e6e51895babROSEMARY NAPKIN RINGS. I need to buy a Rosemary bush STAT.

So excited about the possibility of starting this up again! Of course, when I told The Hubs he was all… “And hooooow much is this going to cost us?” To which I replied, “If i start now, it won’t show up on the December budget!” Hahah….

So, I have a few questions that I need your help with.

What is your favorite handmade (by you or someone else) Christmas item in your home?

What is your favorite item to give?

When do you usually buy your online Christmas presents by? Thanks guys!!!



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