That Random Can of Paint…

So it’s finally time, time to make this house our home! It’s been no secret that this transition has been hard. Hard on me, the Hubs, our families, friends, and our marriage. However this past week has been soooooo good for the Hubs and I. We’ve had some really great conversations, communicated more openly, and are working through things we’re struggling with.

During one of our conversations, we started talking about the house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our house. It’s in the perfect location in midtown Tulsa, a perfect size for us with a little room to grown, great bones and just a small bit of character. The last house we lived in had SO MUCH character that it ruined all character for me… haha!

One thing that has bothered my husband is that I haven’t made a real effort to do anything to our home. I have hung a few things on the wall, and we painted the master bedroom, but that’s about it. I’m paraphrasing here… but he told me that he feels like I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to put in the effort, and I don’t want to get attached to this place so that’s why I haven’t done anything. Ouch. Punch in the gut.

Full disclosure: He’s Right. Well, mostly right. There’s also the fact that I have a baby that I’m taking care of, we’ve been out of town, the budget is tight, I have no idea how to decorate our house, yada yada yada. But he totally hit the nail on the head. I haven’t made this place our own because deep down I still didn’t want to admit that we made this move and this is now my life.

Well, I needed to get over that crap immediately. After that conversation I spent the next morning in prayer about my heart. God was so gracious to reveal this sin in my heart and how it is hurting my husband. My comments, my attitude, my words… none of them were showing him support in where we were. (Just to clarify, I have been supportive of this job and the day to day stuff, but I’m still struggling and grieving about leaving our home in Texas.) I needed to find a way to get over myself, get over my “I don’t wanna be here” toddler attitude, and GET ON BOARD because honey, WE LIVE HERE.

Isn’t it funny how things kind of magically line up? Earlier in the week I had ordered a home decor book recommended by Jen Hatmaker on creating a beautifully imperfect home! This is my new favorite book and it hasn’t left my side since Monday. For realz people, Myquillyn Smith is genius.

photo(15)And yes. I took this pic while writing this post. Just to prove it’s right next to me. 🙂

One thing that Myquillyn talks about is how you just need to start. Just DO SOMETHING. It in no way has to be perfect. In fact, the more “imperfect” it is, the better it is.  I needed to make a gesture for the Hubs to let him know that I want to be here, I love our home and I want to make it ours.

So, I went to the garage and found a can of paint. A random. Can. Of. Paint.

Our hallway makes me cringe. In fact all the walls in our house aside from our kitchen, bedroom and nursery make me cringe. It’s a taupe/neutral color, but it has a peachy tone to it and it drives me crazy. So, I had just enough paint to do the hallway…

I didn’t prep, tape things off, or anything. I just went for it!

photo 1(20)photo 2(16)Ok, so I taped off the little old telephone/shelf thing…. that was about it.

And Viola!!! It’s beautiful!!!!!

photo 3(17)photo 4(13)

Now there were definitely some mess ups, my dad may have raised an eyebrow or two. picstitch

But that’s ok! Because it’s done, this house is becoming more “ours”, and it’s inspiring me to do more projects!!!! (I currently have two more going in the garage right now!)

And as a bonus, Phil was head over heels excited about the hallway! Yay!!!



One thought on “That Random Can of Paint…

  1. Way to take the plunge! I love the color and that book!

    Also, I can totally relate to the feelings of not fully admitting “this is my life now”. It’s kind of weird how that feeling comes out at random times. Even though I wanted to move back to Illinois, that first year was a rough transition. We’d host a nice dinner with new friends, and then I’d burst into tears afterwards saying – “They’re nice and we had a good time, but they’re not our real friends and I don’t even feel like my real self.” It took me a really long time to feel like myself again and to start investing in people and my life where we are now.

    A quote that helped me during my transitions was from C.S. Lewis – “There are far greater things ahead than any we leave behind.” It was hard to believe at times, but I knew it to be true. Praying that God helps you full settle, feel more at home, and “bloom where you are planted”. Miss you!


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