Best $12 spent this summer!

I wanted to get Lu a kiddie pool for the backyard all summer, but I never got around to it. It was probably a mix of laziness and not wanting to bake my son and myself in the sun. Then this week I while walking through Target (my safe haven, my escape from the heat and my dirty house), I saw that all their summer stuff was being clearance out! I meandered over to the sporting goods area and found ALL THE POOLS were on clearance!!! So, I picked up this beauty for $12 and away we went!!!

I originally was going to put the pool on the deck, and was trying to figure out the best time since there’s not shade. But as I looked outside I was like, DUH. HALF OUR YARD IS IN THE SHADE!!! I put Lu’s suit on him, smothered him in sunscreen, and out we went!!!

(After I recovered from blowing up the thing all by myself… I may have taken a nap! Haha!)

I think it’s safe to say, Lu had a wonderful time 😀

photo 1(31)First of all, this kid needs to stop growing. As you can see, his swim shirt no longer fits around that belly….

photo 2(29)$12 for a pool that comes with a slide and a giraffe that sprays water?? Win!!!

photo 5(17)photo 4(21)He kept getting getting grass on his fingers and trying to flick it off!

photo 2(30)photo 2(31)photo 4(22)photo 5(18)Gracious, I JUST CAN’T EVEN!!! (And apparently neither can Lu!!!)

photo 3(32)“Oh my gosh, Mr. Giraffe, can you believe she’s STILL taking pictures??”

photo 3(31)

All in all, it was a SUPER fun morning! We’ll definitely be out in the pool almost every day!!!

photo 3(30)And then there’s Ted… who also enjoyed his afternoon!


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