Sharknado Weekend… The Second One!

Phil and I have some of the best friends in the entire world πŸ™‚ Their names are Stephanie, Cherise, Bret and Bret’s wonderful gf, Brooke. (WE LOVE HER!)

At the beginning of the summer, Stephanie and Cherise came up for a weekend to see us. Well, they thought they missed us, but really Phil and I have mastered this whole “mind control” thing and convinced them to come see us. We missed them way more than they could possibly miss us.

We had an awesome weekend and I cried for like an hour when they left… photo 5(19)So the summer came and went, and we decided (or Phil and I Inceptioned it… muahahah!!!) that we needed another weekend to end the summer! Plus, we had the perfect event to plan…

Sharknado 2. That’s right. It’s so bad it’s good.

We had seen the first one together when I was pregnant with Lu, so it was only fitting that we all see the the second one together. You know. Sentiment πŸ™‚

photo 1(35)Roomies reunited πŸ™‚ The Bromance lives on… photo 3(33)Lu was so excited to see his Aunt Stephanie again! photo 4(23)But he wasn’t quite sure what to think of the sounds she was making…

(Ps- This is the face he makes when I’ve taken to many pictures. He knows he’s suppose to smile but is either totally over it or is completely uncomfortable… haha!!!) photo(37)And we LOVE Aunt Cherise!!! Especially when she helps Lu get to the fan!
photo 5(20)Precious πŸ™‚ photo 2(33)Fun faces with Daddy!!

So all in all, it was a WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS, MUCH NEEDED weekend with those we love and miss so much. Sharknado 2, wine, tons of food, wine, hilarious YouTube videos, The Room (only watch the clips, totally worth it! But don’t waste you time on the entire movie), … Denton is so lucky to have them πŸ™‚ We can’t wait to see them again soon!!! photo 2(32)

And yes, cried for a long, long time….


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