We’re Coming Nana!

Over the holiday weekend we took a road trip to Alabama to see our lovely grandmother, Nana. We were so excited for her to meet Baby Lu! It was a wonderful trip and I’m so glad we were able to go. Can’t wait for our next visit! photo 1(2)Road trip snacks! photo 2(2)We hit 100,000 miles on our way there! Way to go Julie 🙂 photo 2(1)Love those Oklahoma skies…photo 3(1)Got to Memphis around 2 am to stay the night! Baby Lu was rather confused about where he was. photo 2(4)Over the course of the trip, Lu became quite accustomed to having breakfast in bed. He had a rather harsh wake up call when we got back home! photo 4(2)The next day we only had about three hours of driving. He screamed the whole time. We should have taken this as a warning for the drive home. photo 5(1)They’re so sweet when they finally fall asleep.

I swear, I could make an entire post about how much I love his toes. PRECIOUS!

photo 1(5)WE MADE IT!!!! We were so excited to see Nana and her “wheels” which Lu immediately became enthralled by. Get ready for an awesome weekend!!!


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