Baby Lu’s First Haircut

The biggest event of the weekend was Lu’s first haircut. He’s only 9 months old, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Lu got his hair cut by the same man who gave The Hubs his first haircut 27 years ago!!!! That’s right, freaking adorable.

photo 1(8)Everyone, meet Mr. Loony!

For a flashback in time, we’ll be referencing this gem that Nana let me take home to borrow. It’s so entirely precious, I couldn’t wait to share it!

(Family, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

photo 1(9)photo 2(9)The Hub’s first haircut, 1987!!

photo 1(7)Now back to 2014, we’re all getting acquainted.

Lu did SUCH a great job!! He did loose it for a little bit, but to his credit he has been traveling for two days, was in a new place, super tired, and surrounded by new people!! photo 2(6)photo 4(6)photo 3(5)photo 2(8)

So here’s the crew that made our little man look so handsome!photo 5(5)photo 5(7)Looks like The Hubs had a great crew as well!

Now, The Hubs did have an audience:  photo 3(7)Grandaddy, Dad, Mom and Nana (who took pictures).

But it seems as though grandchildren get an even larger audience!! 10628709_891730682665_4654111709391392255_oAunt Mandy, Grandad, Grandma, Nana, Mommy, Dada, and Brenda!

photo 2(7)And his truck obsession has started…. Look how handsome he looks!!! photo 4(8)His Daddy looked handsome too!! photo 3(6)Hooray!!! We had such a great time, and Mr. Looney did such a wonderful job!!!


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