Hangin’ in Decatur

While in Alabama we spent the majority of our time at Nana’s house (Lu’s great-grandmother). Baby Lu LOVED Nana and her wheels as well as her cat, Noodles. Noodles was rather wise and hid from this crawling, grabbing machine most of the day! 😉 10599543_892321977705_3330309331633120610_nphoto 1(4)One of my favorite things we did was watch home movies. It was so fun to see my in-laws and their parents 25+ years ago as they were learning how to use their brand new video camera. They were living in California and filmed their travels in San Francisco,  Alabama and other places. We also saw The Hubs when he was a baby and then at 3, 4 and 5 years old. He was PRECIOUS and Lu looks like he could be his twin. I had no idea how similar they were until seeing these videos! It was hilarious to see him crawl around in Nana’s same home and do the same things that Lu was doing! The Hubs was totally freaked out… photo 1(2)photo 2(1)

Then we saw my sister-in-law as a newborn, my husband learning to be a big brother, and the love that he had for her… and the camera. 😉 One of my favorite moments was watching The Hubs and his grandparents. Grandaddy was teaching him (Age4??) to learn to golf on the back patio. My heart just melted seeing them interact with one another, especially seeing how lovingly that little boy looked at his grandpa. 🙂

Lu had so much fun playing with Grandad, Grandma and Aunt Mandy! photo 5photo 2(3)photo 4(3)photo 5(2)On our last day we had family pictures taken. We couldn’t help but goof off a little! photo 3(3)photo 4(4)Clearly, clearly, Lu had had enough of these shenanigans.

We then headed to IHOP (because, where else?!?) for lunch before we hit the road! Lu was just barely hanging on, but the fam did a great job helping him keep it together. photo 5(3)However, it was a different story as soon as we got him in the car… photo 2(5)Yes, yes. we dealt with an over tired, teething, talking, screaming babe for about 6 hours. I’ve never been so excited to be in Little Rock! Haha. But luckily, our sweet thing perked up the next day. We stopped for some lunch and Luke got to take over driving for a while 😉 photo 3(4)photo 4(5)Relax, fam. Relax! It was pouring down rain when The Hubs went to get our food. I changed Lu in the car, turned it completely OFF and let him move around a little. The kid LOVED it, but I think he needs to reach the pedals before we let him drive again 😉

Thank you Nana for inviting us to come to Alabama! It was such a great trip and we had a BLAST getting to see you again!! We can’t wait to do it again soon!!! Love and miss you!!



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