“Let the Baby Free Weekend BEGIN!!!”

Now don’t be to shocked by the title, let me explain.

Lolli and Papa have the baby.

People… Lolli and Papa have the baby…


I’ll tell you what to do with myself… cry that my baby is gone for the weekend. It’s true folks. While I am so excited for this weekend with The Hubs, I’m so sad the babe isn’t here.

Earlier this week The Hubs said to Lu in the car, “Hey Buddy! Guess what! You’re going to Lolli and Papa’s this weekend! YAY!!! And you’ll never guess what you mom and I are going to do…. SIT AROUND AND DO NOTHING AND TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE YOU ARE AND HOW MUCH WE MISS YOU!!!”

So yes, I was kind of prepared for this.

But in all seriousness, this weekend is soooo needed. This is the first time in 10 months that The Hubs and I have had a weekend by ourselves that didn’t include starting a new job, looking at houses, closing on a house (all while we were living in two different states) or moving. We’re so thankful for a little R&R where we can just be us again… even if it is only for 48ish hours 🙂

Baby Lu and I drove for 2+ hours in the pouring rain to meet Lolli and Papa, and thank goodness he slept for almost all of the drive! (Thank you sweet, wonderful, relaxing rain sounds. And thank you noise machine for having a “summer rain” noise 😉 ) After lunch and loading his stuff in the grandparent’s car, we were ready to hit the road!


I called The Hubs almost started crying. Not because I missed him yet, but because I didn’t know what to do with myself… Do I jam out to Katy Perry louder than I have since he was born, or just sit. Sit and enjoy the beautiful silence… I opted for JT. You should have heard me belting out “Cry Me A River”. Glorious 🙂

So now here I am… sitting in my dinning room, pup at my feet, back porch door open letting in this cool breeze… ready for The Hubs to come home…it’s going to be a wonderful weekend 🙂


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