Two hours down….

What have I done. What. What. What was I thinking. I thought that with The Hubs gone, I could get so much more done around the house. I was wrong.

His flight left 2 hours ago. Luke has had 2 blow outs (not sure if he’s sick or if it’s a new food we tried last night). Have I mentioned he’s NEVER had a blow out before? Oh, and Ted found the bag of dog treats. Super rich dog treats. Dog treats that he gets one of a day or else he gets sick. Very Sick. And he ate the whole bag. You heard me. THE. ENTIRE. BAG. So now, at any moments, I have two boys that are about to loose it. I have two time bombs that I can’t disarm… I feel like I’m on Sherlock/24/James Bond/CSI/AllCrimeShows. And I have no back up.

I miss my husband. He’s a stud. Oh Saturday… come quickly…

(FYI, this is not a call for help. I can handle this. I’m just being reminded about how amazing my husband is and how much I love him and he is awesome and he is a great Dad.)


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