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Time for a Baby Shower!

This was written on a late Saturday night. I believe I actually fell asleep with about two sentences and a photo to go. Thank you auto save!! So I just realized it never published. Ah well, here’s a little pick-me-up for your Monday afternoon blues!

Well… we have been some busy little bees over at the Lucia Casa the last week. Rehearsals, a wedding, trip to Dallas, birthday celebrations, a 5-day stomach bug, three antibiotics, snow and a baby shower. No wonder I’m beat! But the house is still, the hubs is taking a well deserved night off, and I’m sipping hot chocolate from my beautiful new mug.  🙂  And watching The Quiet Man. Heavens. Ireland, John Wayne and a fiery red-head. It’s my go-to movie on nights home alone. If you haven’t seen it stop all that you’re doing and go watch it immediately. It’s on Netflix, you have no excuse.

Today was such a sweet day, celebrating such a sweet friend! Tiffany and I met about a year and a half ago. I swear, it was like being set up on a date. Our friends kept telling us about this GREAT friend of theirs who had a baby about Lu’s age and how AWESOME she was and how we HAD to hang out and she was a SAHM so of COURSE we would hit it off and be best friends because we were MOMS and had BABIES so that meant we would be BEST FRIENDS!

Are you exhausted yet? Because I was to. I’m so glad I was never set up on an actual date by my friends. I can’t take the pressure!

We hosted a brunch at our house with all our friends and Tiffany, her husband and little girl came over. With our babies… it was love at first sight!

(Our babies are the two baldies!)
(Our babies are the two baldies!)

The second time we got together, Luke made his intentions known…. photo 2(5)photo 3(3)photo 4(3)

They seriously love each other 🙂 They are best friends! And when it’s been to long since they’ve seen each other, we send videos back and forth. It’s so adorable I can barely stand it. #lukeandjane4eva



I KNOW RIGHT?!?!? Aren’t they the cutest!!!

But what even more important than this “future wedding slideshow” in the making is… Tiffany. My friends were absolutely right. She is wonderful. Yes we’re moms. Yes we have kids the same age. Yes we love Jesus. Yes we both stay at home. But more than that, Tiffany is a FRIEND. In every sense of the word. The last two years have been the hardest on my marriage, my relationship with Jesus and my friendships. She has never once failed to be there as a listening ear, wise counsel, and a ferocious encourager. She has loved my baby as her own, and allowed me to love hers. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have survived the last two years without her! IMG_0005IMG_2448IMG_6168

Ok, sappiness aside, this weekend was such a gift for us! We got to celebrate Tiffany and her sweet new baby who will be arriving in just a few weeks! I was so honored to host her shower, but as it usually goes with me, there was drama… Luke got some intestinal virus the Tuesday before her Saturday shower. That was to be at my house. So, like mad women Tiffany’s sister and I scrambled to find a new location for a shower THAT weekend. Like in four days. Luckily, Meghan was able to find an AMAZING place for us.

The Philbrook was BEAUTIFUL.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that it snowed that morning. Here’s what it looked like out my back window. (Please notice the medications sitting like beautiful decor on my windowsill.) IMG_6283And here’s what it looked like out the Philbrook’s back window.IMG_6302Yea. I think we made the right call! Haha!

We had lots of laughs, great food, and time to enjoy showering Tiffany with love and gifts. It was such a great day, and I’m so thankful to be apart of it! Thank you to everyone who came, who helped (HUGE shout out to Meghan!) and who loved. We can’t wait to meet this baby!!!! IMG_6297