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Ok, so I just need to stop making these big announcements on a MONDAY that I’m going to blog every day that week. I mean, seriously. Talk about being blindly optomistic. Yesterday it didn’t happen, and today it almost didn’t either, thanks to a babe and his side-kick pup who both decided to vom and PLAY IN IT before I had even poured my cup of coffee… Ahh… Motherhood.

But, I powered through. I’ve even been able to *attempt* a yoga work out video (no thanks to the overly concerned pup,) and do three loads of laundry (no thanks to the babe who has REFUSED TO TAKE EVERY NAP TODAY). I mean for realz, WHAT is in the water?!?!?!

In case anyone is having a rough “Mom Day” like me, here are some pretty things to help wrap up your Wednesday!

As many of you know from FB, my parents came for the weekend and we had several major DIY projects to conquer. So before they came, I did a few little decor wreaths to use.  Allow me to introduce you all to my latest masterpieces!

This first one was inspired by a wreath in the book, The Nesting Place that was posted on Jen Hatmaker’s blog. I used an old Bible, and it turned out AWESOME. This would be Genesis through Ezekiel. It’s. That. Huge. photo 5(1)On Jen’s blog she talked about how long it took. I was on episode three of Star Trek and was like, “WHAT are these people complaining about? This is going so quick!! And I haven’t burned myself once!!” I burned myself literally the second I thought that. And 7 episodes later…  I was thinking the same thing. It took sssssoooooooooooo long, but was it soooo worth it!! photo(9)And now it hangs in our bedroom. The bare bare walls are finally getting some attention. It makes my heart happy 🙂 photo 4(2)

And I couldn’t just leave a half used Bible… I had to do SOMETHING with Ezekiel through Revelations! So, last minute I made a smaller one for the living room! You’ll see that on the big living room reveal post!

This next wreath also went in the living room. Just a simple grapevine wreath, ribbon, a fall pick, and a wooden letter (which I bought to go on a wreath right after we married and has been on every wreath since then 🙂 ). I LOVE the yellow burlap. Yay fall!!! photo 1(5)photo 2(4)photo 3(1)One thing that I did differently with this wreath was that I attached everything with floral wire instead of hot glue. (Still recovering after the last project.) That way when the seasons and holidays change, I can switch out the pick and ribbon color. Yeessss…. less work later!!!

Hoorrayyyy!!! You have now finished Wednesday! Wrap up everything, get you a celebratory October 1st pumpkin item, and bask in the thought that the week is half over!!! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to a week at home with my man in my AWESOME living room!!! Hopefully I’ll get that post up in the next week or so.

See what I did there? 😉


Oh If I Had Only Known

It’s Monday. Y’all, I can’t believe we made it. I don’t know where the time went, I don’t know what happened, but somehow we survived.

It was a week of explosive poo, no husband, baby and mama had a cold, trying to get ANYTHING done and failing, friends being awesome, LOTS of love from a special friend, and just a few tears. Then came Friday. The blessed grandparents arrived.

180 degree transition to DIY projects, trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s, fighting the Tulsa State Fair (yes, I address it) traffic right outside my house, hosting a garage sale, painting a living room, power tools, the hubs coming home, sawdust, dirt, stain, smelly dog, explosive poo from the babe, pizza, football, “I love you”s, and a few more tears.

To say I’m exhausted is an understatement. I should be ashamed of how much Daniel Tiger and Curious George we’ve watched today, but I’m not. We’re going to watch even more when Lu wakes up from his nap. I have actually dozed off twice while writing this. True story.

If you read my post from 6 days ago, it’s filled with so much optimism and excitement for the week. Oh if I could only warn that sweet naive girl and give her a reality check… Somehow prepare her for things to come…

Each day on the blog this week, I’m going to be highlighting a moment, person or project from the previous week. One of the things on my to-do list was blog every day last week, so I’m making up for it now. 🙂

I hope you come back each day to enjoy the stories of love and grace, DIY photos and instructions, and moments of hilarity. Happy Monday everyone!!! Here’s to a great week!

Two hours down….

What have I done. What. What. What was I thinking. I thought that with The Hubs gone, I could get so much more done around the house. I was wrong.

His flight left 2 hours ago. Luke has had 2 blow outs (not sure if he’s sick or if it’s a new food we tried last night). Have I mentioned he’s NEVER had a blow out before? Oh, and Ted found the bag of dog treats. Super rich dog treats. Dog treats that he gets one of a day or else he gets sick. Very Sick. And he ate the whole bag. You heard me. THE. ENTIRE. BAG. So now, at any moments, I have two boys that are about to loose it. I have two time bombs that I can’t disarm… I feel like I’m on Sherlock/24/James Bond/CSI/AllCrimeShows. And I have no back up.

I miss my husband. He’s a stud. Oh Saturday… come quickly…

(FYI, this is not a call for help. I can handle this. I’m just being reminded about how amazing my husband is and how much I love him and he is awesome and he is a great Dad.)


Happy Fall Y’all!!!! I’m so excited for leaves and hot chocolate and open windows and Thanksgiving and cider and Halloween costumes and ThanksChrist Dinner and Autumnal Trees and EVERYTHING FALL!!!!!!

This week is the perfect week to kick off my FAVORITE SEASON (if you couldn’t tell)! The Hubs is on a business trip for the week, Parentals are coming on Thursday, and Sister2 is coming Friday with her BF! I have a list of so many thing that I want to do this week… So realistically I’m going to aim to accomplish about 75% of my list. Haha!

I can usually get so much more done when The Hubs isn’t distracting me with his cuteness, but that was a year ago. Now I have someone who is smaller and more precious and could say “mama” or “dada” at any second and I don’t want to miss it!!! So yea… may need to adjust my expectations to about 30%.

Also, one thing on my list is starting The Blacklist… bring that down to 25%…

I want to update the blog with the things that have happened with the Lucias! So, there WILL BE UPDATES every day this week! Woo hoo!!!

And hopefully, by the end of the week, I won’t feel like this…

photo(6)Or this…

photo(7)But hopefully we feel like THIS!!!

photo(8)Woo hoo!!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Best $12 spent this summer!

I wanted to get Lu a kiddie pool for the backyard all summer, but I never got around to it. It was probably a mix of laziness and not wanting to bake my son and myself in the sun. Then this week I while walking through Target (my safe haven, my escape from the heat and my dirty house), I saw that all their summer stuff was being clearance out! I meandered over to the sporting goods area and found ALL THE POOLS were on clearance!!! So, I picked up this beauty for $12 and away we went!!!

I originally was going to put the pool on the deck, and was trying to figure out the best time since there’s not shade. But as I looked outside I was like, DUH. HALF OUR YARD IS IN THE SHADE!!! I put Lu’s suit on him, smothered him in sunscreen, and out we went!!!

(After I recovered from blowing up the thing all by myself… I may have taken a nap! Haha!)

I think it’s safe to say, Lu had a wonderful time 😀

photo 1(31)First of all, this kid needs to stop growing. As you can see, his swim shirt no longer fits around that belly….

photo 2(29)$12 for a pool that comes with a slide and a giraffe that sprays water?? Win!!!

photo 5(17)photo 4(21)He kept getting getting grass on his fingers and trying to flick it off!

photo 2(30)photo 2(31)photo 4(22)photo 5(18)Gracious, I JUST CAN’T EVEN!!! (And apparently neither can Lu!!!)

photo 3(32)“Oh my gosh, Mr. Giraffe, can you believe she’s STILL taking pictures??”

photo 3(31)

All in all, it was a SUPER fun morning! We’ll definitely be out in the pool almost every day!!!

photo 3(30)And then there’s Ted… who also enjoyed his afternoon!

Why my heart hurts tonight (And an update on the poision ivy)

I’ve been in a funk all day. All week really. I don’t know if it’s because of the the craziness in Ferguson, the murder of reporter James Foley or just the complete terror and disgust of an organization like ISIS. I know that these things have been happening in the world and I’m just becoming more aware. These injustices weigh heavily on my heart, as it should with any human being. I listened to last weeks sermon by Matt Chandler at The Village and was very encouraged by what he had to say on these issues. Go listen.

“The only thing that has changed in the last 6 week is our awareness… The world has been crazy, it has been broken… we are unaware of the type of loss, sorrow, injustice and brokenness that is rampant in a world that has fallen away from it’s creator.

My hope is anchored in one place and it is anchored in this truth- that The Gospel of Jesus Christ can penetrate in any and every darkness and it is the ONLY hope any of us have around any of this….”

-Matt Chandler

In our day to day life, we still haven’t found a church, still looking for a MOMS group, parent friends,  working with a teething toddler and a dog who randomly throws up on the diaper bag. (For the love. He’s done this the last two days. Not sure what his deal is or why he hates the diaper bag.)

But the biggest thing in my super small, selfish world that is putting me in a mood, is this: photo 3(26)This is poison ivy/a skin infection. This is after two steroid shots, an oral steroid and an antibiotic. It is hot to the touch and itches like… well like poison ivy and a skin infection. I’ve had to wear pants and long sleeves for the last two weeks and I’ve gone through four tubes of cortisone cream and Gold Bond. It’s gotten better, but this is the cause of my daily mood. Again, NOTHING compared to what is happening to others across the country and across the world… my world is small and I am selfish.

But I saw something on the news today that enraged me on a deeper level.

As many of our close friends and family know, the Hubs and I are passionate about adoption and foster care. We’re working our way out out of debt so that we can afford to adopt. Hopefully through the foster care system. In Dallas, I LOVED the “Wednesday’s Child” segment on WFAA where they highlight a child waiting to be adopted. I cried every time for every child. I was so thankful that adoption and foster care was highlighted, but at the same time my heart just broke for these sweet babies who just wanted a Momma and a Dad. I was so thankful that God revealed this desire in my heart and that he allowed this to be a desire my husband shares with me.

Tonight for the first time, I saw Tulsa’s “Waiting Child“. It was adorable. Two sweet brothers, 12 and 9, who love reading and got to go to the Tulsa Zoo and help feed the animals. I have totally fallen in love with these boys. But one comment made by the older brother that has gnawed at me all evening…

“Branquez, who starts sixth grade, is very responsible for his age. He says, ‘I like to spend time reading my Bible.  Helping out with chores and things that need to be done. Mowing, sweeping, vacuuming.’ ”

It made me so sad to think about the life this little boy must have had. It’s so clear that he feels responsible for the care of his brother and doing all he can to ensure they are adopted together. I’m calling bullshit on his answer. What twelve year old enjoys mowing, sweeping and vacuuming?? Not one. It is so obvious to me that someone has told him/coached him/modeled for this boy that your value and worth is dependent on what you can do. He is trying to make himself the most attractive to a family to make sure he and his brother are adopted together. I may be projecting, but I don’t think I’m that far off.

This idea had to be taught. The idea that the more he does, the greater his works are, that THAT will make him worthy of a family. It makes me so, so sad for this sweet boy. I can’t imagine the stress and the pressure that he must hold over himself.

Beyond just a family, what does this do to his relationship with Jesus? Does he think that if he’s ‘good enough’, if he sweeps enough, if his room is clean enough, if his grades are good enough, that God will give him a family?

If financially we could swing it (as well as being certified/approved/ready for them), I would go pick up that boy and his brother, bring them home, tell him I love him for HIM, and do nothing but fun things that a 12 year old would love for the next month. (And then of course, we would eventually have chores to do, but we’d be taking a break from those.) We’d go fishing, exploring, go to the library, go to Lego Land, ride bikes, make forts, light things on fire, play with animals, go to a baseball game… FUN THINGS. I would tell him over and over again how much I love him and how much Jesus loves him. And I would show it.

With my children, no matter if they are biological or adopted, I want NOTHING more than to instill in them that I love them for the soul and the human being that they are. Not because of their works or actions or how clean they keep their rooms.

Ok, off my soap box. Going to go get a glass of wine, watch So You Think You Can Dance, and then pray for the babies we hope to adopt someday. Seriously. I need to pray for my babies more. They’re getting a fierce Momma Bear.

And I need more Cortisone Cream…. My leg is on fire.

Hello. My Name is Brittney, and I have poison ivy.

And thus begins my story of the most ridiculous 4 minutes of my day.

“Hello. My Name is Brittney, and I have poison ivy.”

Rewind two+ weeks ago.

Phil and I were trying to tackle the backyard, once again. I swear. That thing is something out of a horror film. No matter what we do, it comes back with a vengeance. Not like “Oh I’m just gonna do my thing and grow here kinda fast”, but like, “I AM COMING FOR YOUR SOUL” terrifying.photo 1(22)

After an afternoon of taking down the dead ivy that covered about a fourth of the fence line, we thought we had it beat. Oh how naive we were.

photo 2(18)photo 3(19)About a week later, we realized what that ivy had done to us. Hidden behind the dying leaves was… poison ivy. And she got us. Bad. I could have written an entire post about our visit to the doctor, but then again, I want to stay married. Let’s just say it was a hilarious trip for one of us and an enlightening trip for the other. Haha! We both got a steroid shot and an oral steroid to take for the next week. They both worked WONDERS but I still have not completely healed.Ugh.

I’m so bummed. I had pics of when the poison ivy was SO BAD and somehow, they were deleted. I know, I can hear your “disappointment tears” as you read this…

This is what I’m dealing with now as I coat myself in antibacterial/itch relief/moisturizing cream each hour of the day. I’ve worn long sleeves and pants (THANK YOU GOD FOR THE FREAK COOLER TEMPS WE’VE HAD!!) in order to not scare people and keep from itching like a mad woman. And that’s where we start our story….

So yesterday at approximately 2:15 pm, Luke was awake and we were playing in the living room watching Daniel Tiger on Netflix.

2:16- I notice I’m scratching like a maniac and am now bleeding. Why do I not notice these things before I start bleeding…

2:17- In my bedroom with Ted getting a band-aid. I use five band-aids on the five places that I’m scratching  most. (Just trying to be pro active people.)

2:18- Luke is playing on the floor in the living room (don’t worry Mom, I can see him) while I put on the last band aid.

2:19- I realize I need to put on pants to keep from scratching and walk into the guest room where my closet is. (Yes, I can still see Luke, and at this point he’s starting to crawl down the hallway.)

2:19:30- The first pair of pajama pants I pulled out are on the floor after being rejected (super itchy… why do I still have these?) and I’m reaching for the winning pair.


What. The. What.

2:20:06- I yell at the dog.

2:20:15- I run to let the dog out in the back yard, almost tripping over Lu but I save it with a “gracefully” leap (still with no pants on)

2:20:30- Dog is outside, I PRAY the neighbor didn’t see me pantsless and I think I have a moment to collect myself when I see Lu FLYING down the hallway, crawling faster than I’ve ever seen before in my life. A strange emotion of pride and panic sweep over me as I realize he is crawling RIGHT FOR THE VOMIT.

2:20:33- I SCOOP UP LU JUST AS…. he’s crawled right in the vomit.

That’s right. He crawled Right. Into. The. Vomit.

2:20:45- I stand there for 10 seconds. Pantsless. Itching. Holding Lu in the air. Covered in vomit. I look around and wonder how this happened in the last four minutes and how on earth my life came to this.

2:21- I bring Lu into my bedroom, wipe him down with half the package of babywipes, and change his clothes… as he laughed through the whole thing.

2:23- Lu goes to play in the pack-n-play as the next episode of DT starts, and I, FINALLY, put on pants. And I realize one of the front windows has been opened the entire time. You’re welcome retired neighbor who works on his car out front every afternoon…

2:25-Finally clean up the mess on the hardwood floor in the guestroom. And then I figured… I might as well clean all the floors! The dog is outside, the babe is happily playing… I’m already sweating and needing a shower after this mess…

2:45- All hardwood floors in the house are swept and moped.

And that sums up the craziest 10 minutes of my day. photo(16)

Ps- I’m still itching like crazy…..

That Random Can of Paint…

So it’s finally time, time to make this house our home! It’s been no secret that this transition has been hard. Hard on me, the Hubs, our families, friends, and our marriage. However this past week has been soooooo good for the Hubs and I. We’ve had some really great conversations, communicated more openly, and are working through things we’re struggling with.

During one of our conversations, we started talking about the house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our house. It’s in the perfect location in midtown Tulsa, a perfect size for us with a little room to grown, great bones and just a small bit of character. The last house we lived in had SO MUCH character that it ruined all character for me… haha!

One thing that has bothered my husband is that I haven’t made a real effort to do anything to our home. I have hung a few things on the wall, and we painted the master bedroom, but that’s about it. I’m paraphrasing here… but he told me that he feels like I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to put in the effort, and I don’t want to get attached to this place so that’s why I haven’t done anything. Ouch. Punch in the gut.

Full disclosure: He’s Right. Well, mostly right. There’s also the fact that I have a baby that I’m taking care of, we’ve been out of town, the budget is tight, I have no idea how to decorate our house, yada yada yada. But he totally hit the nail on the head. I haven’t made this place our own because deep down I still didn’t want to admit that we made this move and this is now my life.

Well, I needed to get over that crap immediately. After that conversation I spent the next morning in prayer about my heart. God was so gracious to reveal this sin in my heart and how it is hurting my husband. My comments, my attitude, my words… none of them were showing him support in where we were. (Just to clarify, I have been supportive of this job and the day to day stuff, but I’m still struggling and grieving about leaving our home in Texas.) I needed to find a way to get over myself, get over my “I don’t wanna be here” toddler attitude, and GET ON BOARD because honey, WE LIVE HERE.

Isn’t it funny how things kind of magically line up? Earlier in the week I had ordered a home decor book recommended by Jen Hatmaker on creating a beautifully imperfect home! This is my new favorite book and it hasn’t left my side since Monday. For realz people, Myquillyn Smith is genius.

photo(15)And yes. I took this pic while writing this post. Just to prove it’s right next to me. 🙂

One thing that Myquillyn talks about is how you just need to start. Just DO SOMETHING. It in no way has to be perfect. In fact, the more “imperfect” it is, the better it is.  I needed to make a gesture for the Hubs to let him know that I want to be here, I love our home and I want to make it ours.

So, I went to the garage and found a can of paint. A random. Can. Of. Paint.

Our hallway makes me cringe. In fact all the walls in our house aside from our kitchen, bedroom and nursery make me cringe. It’s a taupe/neutral color, but it has a peachy tone to it and it drives me crazy. So, I had just enough paint to do the hallway…

I didn’t prep, tape things off, or anything. I just went for it!

photo 1(20)photo 2(16)Ok, so I taped off the little old telephone/shelf thing…. that was about it.

And Viola!!! It’s beautiful!!!!!

photo 3(17)photo 4(13)

Now there were definitely some mess ups, my dad may have raised an eyebrow or two. picstitch

But that’s ok! Because it’s done, this house is becoming more “ours”, and it’s inspiring me to do more projects!!!! (I currently have two more going in the garage right now!)

And as a bonus, Phil was head over heels excited about the hallway! Yay!!!


How Did You Spend Your Sunday Night??

So here at the Lucia house, our little one is growing fast! We play, we make messes, and he is starting to crawl! So chasing him down the street will probably start tomorrow…

photo 1(5)

photo 2(3)


We decided to introduce Cheerios this weekend to our little man.

photo 2(2)

This is how it went…

photo 4(3)

Lots of staring…

photo 5(2)

And then moving it around the tray. And looking at Mom like “wwhhhaaaaaa?”

So we decided to play a little game to make it more interesting. It’s called “Let’s-toss-as-many-Cheerios-into-Dad’s-mouth-as-we-can-since-it-makes-Baby-Lu-laugh-every-time… And-Ted-can-eat-the-ones-he-misses!!”

We may have done this for close to an hour. It was adorable 🙂

photo 1(3)

Someone once told me that you know there’s a toddler in the house if the dog is super chubby. I think Ted might be headed down that road! We may need to throw in an extra walk here and there.

photo 3(1)

photo 4(2)

photo 3(2)

photo 1(4)

And then we got back in the high chair to try and give Baby Lu another try.  Still.. Nothin’.

photo 3(3)

And you know what? I’m totally ok with that.


And so is Ted 🙂

photo 5(1)